Sell Your Books

We are always interested in purchasing books, from complete collections to individual copies, hardcover and paperback, old and new.  Sometimes the biggest limiting factor is our own inventory, and we might pass on a good title if we already have several stock.  Condition is very important, if they have significant wear, smoke or mildew odors, damage to the binding or excessive highlighting or underlining, then we usually have to pass on those types of books. 

It is almost always necessary to bring the books to the store for evaluation, and it is difficult to work from a list or over the phone because of all the variables involved.  We do make house calls and will travel, especially for large collections or libraries in a specialty area.   There is an interest in all subject areas, but some of the areas we receive the most requests include: fine arts, instruction and monographs, religion, philosophy,  literature, science fiction, local history, world history, sporting (hunting & fishing), woodworking,  poetry, classics, railroading, agricultural and military history.  There are some types of books we do not stock at all, they include:

  • Readers Digest Condensed Books
  • Series Romance (Harlequinn & Silhouette)
  • Ex-library books (with exception of older antiquarian titles)
  • Encyclopedias published after 1920
  • Outdated information (travel guides, almanacs, investment books)
  • Magazines
  • Old records & music CD's

We purchase books every day and on a ongoing basis.    No appointment is necessary.  There may be times we ask you to leave the books, but typically we will have sufficient staff to help you right away.  Please contact our lead buyer (Jon) with questions about selling your books.

Books Revisited
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Attn: Jon  - Book Buyer